Matt Balducci woke up 3 years ago, looked in the mirror and realized he was overweight, depressed, and chronically stressed. After the birth of his son, he was triggered to start getting healthy which lead him down a path of studying for 2500 hours. He came to one simple conclusion, that chronic stress lead to his obesity, unhappiness, and pre-mature biological aging. Through his research he realized he wasn’t the only one who was dealing with chronic stress, depression, anxiety, and aging. He has now made it his life’s mission to spread the message that you can control essentially everything about yourself through understanding your Human Biology. He has implemented multiple simple strategies that has allowed him to not only get in the best shape of his life, but get rid of his depression, anxiety, and most importantly control his stress. Just like many people out there, Matt lives a fun, but stressful life with two amazing children under the age of 3, an amazing wife, and is a serial entrepreneur and sales leader. He is also an Amazon Best Selling Author, Marathoner, Body-builder, Bronze and Silver Medal Recipient in baseball, and self proclaimed health nut/ bio-hacker.