This Vicksburg, Mississippi native came to Virginia by way of her marriage to her active duty Navy husband. Elyssa is lead coach at Say Life! Personal Coaching, equipping individuals with the tools they need in life, confident speaking, and business--helping them move through the world in a positive way. She loves working with her team of coaches to help their Say Life! family members get the results they want. She is a member of the Certified Coach Alliance (CCA) and a graduate of The Coach Training Academy.


Elyssa earned two bachelor's degrees from Southern University and A&M College at Baton Rouge, Louisiana in both Spanish and Mass Communication. She graduated at the top of her program and was the youngest to graduate in her entire class. She also earned a master’s degree in Applied Communication from Mississippi College. During her time there, she went on to obtain an internship at HLN (CNN Headline News).


Before coaching, Elyssa worked in broadcast, gaining daily experience as a producer, reporter, and video journalist in cities such as Norfolk, Virginia, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the top 5 TV market of Dallas, Texas. There, she interviewed a wide range of public figures ranging from Former President Jimmy Carter to the first female rapper to release a solo hip hop album, MC Lyte, and appeared nationally. She also got the opportunity to tell the stories of others who may not have had the platform to do so. Elyssa has also worked as a radio on-air announcer and a creative writer at a marketing agency. 


In addition to coaching, Elyssa teaches communication and speech courses on the collegiate level. When she's not doing that, Elyssa is most likely instructing Zumba® fitness or Hip Hop, playing flute with the church worship band, working with youth groups, with her two German Shepherd Akitas, Happy and Serendipity, or going after her dreams alongside her husband. She was honored to serve as her mom's caregiver before her transition in January of 2019.


(Fun Fact: Elyssa has competed in a bodybuilding competition and pageants in the Miss America, Miss Universe, and Miss Earth systems.)